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old man poem

Posted in poem on March 20, 2008 by godumb18

this old man was older than dirt,
old as the hills and he’ll probably be here till hell freezes over,
he thinks he’s bigger than life,
but he really was going to hit rock bottom,
he was as proud as a peacock,
because he was able to beat the band,
but to tell the truth he’s probably going to kick the bucket sometime soon,
as a matter of fact, you should be watching around the clock, for it,
but he could die from a broken him because for him, its eazy as pie,
he’s as sharp as a tack, and smart as a whip,
hes also hard as a rock but sometime soon he’ll be dead as a doornailnwa-1.jpg



Posted in essay on March 13, 2008 by godumb18

my neighbors probably think that my dad and i are pretty crazy, because we always have a lot of people at my house, and my dad has lots of partys too. and our music is always really loud, because theres no reason toplay music if its not loud naamean????? They probably also get annoyed by our dogs to, cuz their always barking.BUT OTHER THAN THAT WE ARE PRETTY DANG GOOD NEIGHBORS.321v7qk0.jpg