aaron brooks

Posted in essay on April 8, 2008 by godumb18

well my favorite b baller aaron brooks, who plays for the houston rockets has been doing pretty good lately scoring like 15 points a game in the last couple of games, hes really good and he used to play for the ducks last year.


national championship

Posted in essay on April 8, 2008 by godumb18

yea so i watched the national championship with kansas and memphis and kansas barely won, they got lucky. memphis had the lead with like 2 and a half minutes left and they missed all their free throws and blew it. then kansas hit the game tying 3 pointer which took them into overtime. overtrime was real bad for memphis and they lost by 8 or somthing like that.

back from the dead

Posted in poem on April 4, 2008 by godumb18

i was buried alive in a concrete block
but im coming back soon
so you better watch your clock
im with the living dead
and i just woke up from my bed
now im coming for you
better watch your head
you shoulda been thinking when you put me in the dirt
but now its time for my revenge
and i betcha its gonna hurt

old man poem

Posted in poem on March 20, 2008 by godumb18

this old man was older than dirt,
old as the hills and he’ll probably be here till hell freezes over,
he thinks he’s bigger than life,
but he really was going to hit rock bottom,
he was as proud as a peacock,
because he was able to beat the band,
but to tell the truth he’s probably going to kick the bucket sometime soon,
as a matter of fact, you should be watching around the clock, for it,
but he could die from a broken him because for him, its eazy as pie,
he’s as sharp as a tack, and smart as a whip,
hes also hard as a rock but sometime soon he’ll be dead as a doornailnwa-1.jpg


Posted in essay on March 13, 2008 by godumb18

my neighbors probably think that my dad and i are pretty crazy, because we always have a lot of people at my house, and my dad has lots of partys too. and our music is always really loud, because theres no reason toplay music if its not loud naamean????? They probably also get annoyed by our dogs to, cuz their always barking.BUT OTHER THAN THAT WE ARE PRETTY DANG GOOD NEIGHBORS.321v7qk0.jpg

Posted in essay on February 28, 2008 by godumb18

some things that im good at that you dont normally think about are
making kool-aid im purty bomb at that
making tasty sandwiches
i also think im purty dang good at getting food out of the kitchen
picking out some real good songs
and putting some bump in the trunk
AND going DUMBkoolaidshoes-408x365.jpg

skate paaartaaaay

Posted in essay on February 21, 2008 by godumb18

occasion: skate party
date: sometime during a nice day
time: when everybody shows up
place: my house then we go skate

get to my crib, then we skate the ramp for a while,
go skate up the town and after that we can have a lil party,
and invite some ladies and it will be pretty dope.
Be there for some good times.92cef365_34bc24b5.jpg